Product designer at Google Health. Previously I led design at Alma – a community and clinical space for therapy, and at Socratic – which Google named the Best App of 2017 and acquired in 2018.


Socratic is an app that lets students snap a picture of a homework question and instantly see answers and explanations. I led product and design through it's launch with an amazing team.
"As much as the high schoolers liked Socratic, it may be an even bigger hit with parents."
"No matter how much we use it, this app still feels like magic... It's quick, free, and awesome"
"The app that blew us away this year... beautifully designed, and wonderfully useful"
Role: Led product, design, and user research
Camera design updated by Grant Anderson


Alma is a community and clinical space for therapy launching in midtown Manhattan. I designed their app, external website, design system, and in-space signage.
Role: Product definition with Ahmed Elnaiem, design, and user research
Logo and brand consulting by Gin Lane


In 2017, I spent 6 months exploring product ideas in healthcare with Ahmed Elnaiem. Bridge is a plug-in for EHRs that integrates medical calculators, cost of meds, and more.
Role: Product definition with Ahmed Elnaiem, design 2018 is a question & answer community that helps millions of students each month. I led design on the site for 2 years before we focused on the mobile app.
Role: Product, design and user research
Badges illustrated by Agris Bobrovs


Tackup is an app for designers to share their process with each other and get feedback. I designed and built it for my senior project.
Role: Product, design, and development 2010