I design Socratic — a free, open learning resource that makes learning easier.
Previously at Lore, Google and Carnegie Mellon School of Design.

past projects (2008-2012)


A webapp that makes capturing and sharing design process simple and easy. Keep up with your friends and help each other improve.

CMU Design

This project was part of a small studio class in Spring 2011 lead by Terry Irwin and Charlee Brodsky at Carnegie Mellon. Designed and prototyped a website and intranet app.

GM Future Vehicles

Sponsored project with General Motors to research and design future interaction scenarios with semi-autonomous vehicles.

Fog of War

A modern classic boardgame. Flip tiles as you move across the board, revealing elements that affect your strategy.

misc other work

Interactive sketches

Experiments and sketches made with Processing and OpenFrameworks.


Physical devices and weird hacks made with woodglue and bandsaws.


Samples of illustration work done to support various projects.