CMU School of Design

This project was part of a small studio class in Spring 2011 lead by Terry Irwin and Charlee Brodsky at Carnegie Mellon. Terry recently joined CMU as the head of the School of Design, and conducted the course in the manner of a design studio. Ten designers including myself were tasked with refreshing the School of Design's brand system without changing the school's existing mark. I worked with Justin Edmund to focus on the web/interactive component.

Research phase

We began with a brief audit of competitive design schools and their web presence and brand material. We looked at over fifteen schools, noting information architecture wins and losses, and visual design characteristics. We also did a comprehensive audit of the existing site and it's shortcomings.


Visual design explorations

Building off our research and feedback we'd garnered from Terry and the class, we dived into visual explorations of look and feel for the outward-facing web presence of the school. For more examples of our explorations, see Justin's early concepts.


The final website and intranet

Our final proposal was a new website that had refreshed informational pages as well as dynamic content powered by an intranet app for students and faculty of the school. We emphasized the importance of a transparent, automated system for showing course information and student work on the public website. We also created documentation for our proposal and met with the school's web staff to discuss implentation strategies.