Fog of War

Fog of War is a board game I created with Tracy Chou and Vivian Wang in freshman year at CMU. The core mechanic of the game is inspired by the concept of "fog of war" – the uncertainty of conditions in which conflict unfolds. Players flip over tiles as they move across the board, revealing one of four elements that affect their strategy.

The board

The game comes in a box whose cover flips over to becomes the playing board. The game pieces are black and white frosted marbles, each side has a king which is opaque. Tiles fit perfectly into shallow recesses engraved in the board's surface, making an audible click clack as the game unfolds. Each tile is smoked on one side and has an element on the other, with four elements: Mountain (blocks movement), River (reveals one surrounding tile), Rabbit (forces double jump), and Snake (kills piece).

The game

The King piece moves one square at a time in any direction, confined within a 3 by 3 square, called the King's Court. Normal pieces move diagonally across the board any distance. The player flips over the tile his piece lands on, revealing an element or a blank tile (land). The elements persist throughout the game. Enemy pieces are captured by sandwiching them between two of your pieces across any distance on the board, allowing for surprising and even multiple captures.